Tips For Photographing Your Own Newborn


Having an infant is interesting and satisfying beyond words. Yet with the happiness of a new little person likewise comes the reality of how costly they can be. From diapers and formula to safety seat and adorable attire, a newborn’s expenses accumulate quickly! 

The newborn days are so valuable, yet so fleeting. As professional photographers, Kiddy Kats Photo taking newborn photos appreciate how rapidly these days pass and how essential it is to catch all of the sweet details of our new children, while they are still little.


Thinking back to the infant’s newborn days, a lot of mommies find them a blur. What with caring for a brand-new child and recovering from giving birth, it’s easy to understand for those precious details child’s small toes, that wrinkly skin, those heart-melting yawns to be less than crisp in your mind. 


Which is why numerous parents opt to commemorate the infant’s arrival with a newborn photo shoot. Below are some tips as to how to photograph your newborn baby!


Photo Composition


The key to taking excellent newborn photos is all about the detail. Take your time, and attempt a lot of various point of views– from directly overhead and sideways to zoomed in on one function with the rest somewhat out of focus. Attempt full-body shots as well as a couple of just focused on her upper half, her little legs and feet, or simply the face in profile.


Baby Sleeping in a Basket and a Round Feather Surrounding the Basket


Pace yourself


Among the benefits of photographing your own newborn is that time is on your side. Unlike shooting a newborn session for a client and having a 3-4 hour window in which to work and create a diverse gallery, you have days– weeks even– at hand. Remember that you just had a baby! You need to take time on your own to rest and recover from the childbirth experience, so please do not hurry and attempt to do whatever in one day.

We have actually found out the hard way that this will end in exhaustion and aggravation. Keep in mind, time is on your side! Relax and don’t over-do it. If you rate yourself, you can catch an amazing range of pictures of your sweet new child.


Props & Add-on


When starting your newborn portraiture business, start small. All you need is a little imagination, and that will save you money and time. These come in all kinds of colours and add interesting textures to your image.




While positioned shots require a lot of work and planning, lifestyle shots are much more spontaneous! Wrap your baby in a swaddle blanket, place them on your master bedroom, and record them just as they are in the minute.

Just make sure to clear away the unclean diapers, burp fabrics, and keep in mind to take a last look throughout the frame to be sure you haven’t left something there that you don’t want to be there.



Develop the very best lighting for your child


To get the glowy, angelic look that child pictures are understood for, pick a shooting area that has a great deal of natural light. (No flashes today, thanks.) Pick the room in your home that gets the most sunshine and make that your Do It Yourself infant photos studio.


Time the light right


You can get comparable results by waiting for the right time of day to snap your pics. Photograph your baby in front of a west-facing window in the morning or an east-facing window in the afternoon to keep her from squinting and minimize shadows. The light is softer and warmer, shadows are longer, and everybody looks lovely specifically your infant.



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