Why Do Brides Need To Wear A Garter?

In the Western world, a bride traditionally wore garters on her wedding day. Garters are a “type of clothing for either sex’s stockings or socks, esp. those fastened with a band below the knee.”

This tradition can be traced to an old European custom in which brides would demonstrate their stamina and dedication to their groom by wearing a garter during the reception. Today, modern couples often choose not to follow this practice as it has been popularized as part of mid-evil torture rituals involving women being subjugated by men through pain and punishment.

Brides traditionally wear garters. But why? 

The custom of wearing garters during the wedding ceremony comes from the days when wedding dresses were made with many petticoats, and a garter was used to tie up all those layers of skirts so that they didn’t trip the bride as she walked up the aisle. The groom would wait at the end of the aisle with a bouquet, which he would hand to his new bride after removing her garter belt to throw over her shoulder.

This tradition has continued unchanged for hundreds of years. Guys will stand near an arch or doorway ready to catch or “throw” the garter belt once it’s been removed. Traditionally, both men and women are supposed to try and catch the garter. The single woman will fight for it, screaming and yelling to be the next one to marry. Once caught, many brides throw the bouquet towards the single ladies in an attempt to land it in their hands.

This is also a symbol of dominance over them since they still haven’t found love.

Male Garter Tradition: 

It has long been said that if you remove a woman’s garter belt before she gets married, she’ll take care of your motherless children someday. If you wear her garter on your arm during this time, she’ll marry you someday. Or…if someone catches the bride’s garter at a wedding reception he’ll be the next one to get married soon.

The garter removal ceremony could be quite dangerous back in the olden days! The ladies were wearing long dresses, petticoats and several undergarments that were difficult to remove. Luckily, no one ever lost an eye over it!

A variation on this game has the bride throwing her bouquet into a crowd of single women while someone stands directly in front of them with his back turned. Whoever catches the bouquet is considered next in line to get married.

Garters are also said to bring good luck, so after removing it or catching it, many grooms will keep their bride’s garter as a token of their love and affection forever.

Every wedding tradition brings something new to the celebration; garters are no exception. 

Here are some wedding garters that are sure to bring you good luck on your special day!

Flirty, Sexy Garter Set

This garter belt is cute and playful with its red colour and bow. It would be perfect for any bride who wants a little pop of fun at her wedding.

White Lace Bridal Garter With Pearl Accent

This soft lace bridal garter has an elegant pearl accent on it that gives the piece a more grown-up look. It’ll make any bride feel like royalty on their big day!

Wedding Beaded Garters

These ornate, sparkly garters can be styled with your unique personality in mind. can choose between silver or gold-tone pearls to match your wedding theme.

Floral Wedding Garter Set

This garter set has simple, soft colours that would look lovely against any skin tone or dress colour. It’s got a vintage feel that will make you feel beautiful in your gown.

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