5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Hairdresser

I have had three different people cut my hair in the past couple of months. To be precise, I’ve had two horrible haircuts and one just kind of bad haircut. The result is that I have spent a lot of time thinking about how to pick your next hairdresser because it’s expensive to get your hair cut!

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1) How many years of experience do they have? 

Hairdressers who are still cutting hair into their late 30s are probably good at what they do. They may even be able to compete with big brands fairly well if they’re super talented – but sometimes talent only takes you so far. If someone is over the age of 40 and still cutting hair, I’d say they’re probably pretty good at it.

People who have been cutting hair for a long time can be skilled stylists, but that doesn’t mean they will do a good job on your hair. I’ve had a few older stylists attempt to give me a pixie cut, which is just never going to happen with my texture.

Not only that, but someone who has been doing hair for 10 years might start giving out trendy styles right before the trend goes out of style. If you want classic cuts or romantic old-fashioned hairstyles, ask them! Do they specialize in haircuts? Ask if your hairdresser specializes in haircuts because not everyone does.

2) Where are their credentials?

Some people just cut hair for fun, but if you’re looking to spend a lot of money on your haircuts, I recommend going to someone who is certified. Ask them what schools they have attended and where they have worked. Other than is necessary for most states, certification also gets you higher-paying jobs.

As a bonus, most hairdressers with the skills to pass their state boards probably know what they are doing without too much trouble. Make sure you ask them about licensing! This article goes over the different kinds of licenses available for stylists, which can be important depending on how much training or experience your hairdresser has had.

3) What kind of methods do they use?

Do you want your hair cut dry or wet? Dry cutting is good for people who have texture in their hair. Wet cutting is better for people with super curly, straight, or frizzy hair. Do you want your hairdresser to thin/thick out your ends? This needs to be done before the length of your hair is cut. It can be expensive and time-consuming, so ask them if you think it’s necessary.

Ask what kind of products they will use on your hair before they start any cuts. If they say “Well I only use this one kind of product” you might want to go somewhere else because a lot of brands make great hair care products now.

4) How much do they charge?

Your hairdresser might be amazing, but if their prices are too high for you to afford, it doesn’t matter. For really experienced people who specialize in haircuts, $60-75 is probably about right. If you’re just looking for someone to apply toner or dye to your hair every couple of months, that’s about $50-65 depending on where you live.

Prices can vary widely because of cost of living and commercial rent costs. Someone who rents a commercial space in the middle of NYC has higher prices than someone working out of their house somewhere else. If you don’t like their price range, find someone who charges closer to what you think is fair.

5) What is their attitude?

Haircuts are not the time to be shy! Ask them all of your questions before they start cutting anything if you need to. If your hairdresser doesn’t seem like they know what they’re doing, ask them specific questions about haircuts and how it works.

It’s okay if you aren’t sure what you want right now but just show them some pictures that you like, or even let them pick out a style for you – as long as their ideas fit with what you were looking for. Make sure they listen to everything you say and take note of it! If they don’t, find someone else who will.

If they can’t give any straight answers, treat it like a red flag and leave. If they can’t answer your questions, how will they know what to do with your hair? Any good hairdresser should be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

So now you can find someone for yourself! Hopefully, this article taught you more about the process of getting haircuts and what to look for in a stylist. Haircuts are an important part of keeping your hair healthy and strong, so it is worth taking some time to find someone who knows what they’re doing. Check them out here: hairdresser near me. Good luck!

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