Best Eyebrow Face Tattoo Tips

The best eyebrow face tattoo ideas are those that highlight your natural beauty. In using facial tattoos to create a fuller, more defined brow it is essential to accentuate the eyes and cheekbones as well.

However, because you want your eyebrows to look natural, you should avoid eye-catching colours or a heavy pop of the strongest pigment colour available in a mixture. You can use a light brown or black depending on what works best with your skin tone and hair colour.

First step: Outline Your Design

An outline will give you a clear idea of how long/thick you want the lines to be around your eyebrow area for this face tattoo design. Remember that less is always more – but if it’s too thin people might not even know it’s a tattoo.

Your outline design can be sketched with a pencil or pen and then filled in with the permanent eyebrow colour of your choice. You can get creative here, but always remember that less is more, so don’t go overboard! It is best to choose a colour that closely matches your natural hair colour, otherwise, it will seem too obvious and out-of-place.

Alternatively, you could also use black permanent makeup, if you decide to go for a bolder look and add some lighter strokes within the black to give it an even softer touch.

After you’re satisfied with your outline design remove any excess ink from around the eyebrows by wiping it off with cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol (this also sterilizes). If you have sensitive skin just be careful not to rub too hard.

Step Two: Shading & Filling

This is the fun part! Adding some more colour to your eyebrows can frame your whole face, improving facial symmetry and highlighting key features of the face tattoo design. The important thing here is to take it slow – once you’ve added too much colour you won’t be able to remove any (it’s like drawing in ink!).

A good technique for getting a more realistic look with eyebrow face tattoos is starting very light by applying only one or two layers of colour. You can always add more layers later but you will probably regret it if you apply too many at once! Also, keep an eye on the direction that your hair usually grows when it comes to filling in your brows.

When you’re done, step back and let everything dry before proceeding to the next step in eyebrow face tattooing!

Step Three: Fix & Cleanup

To clean up any smudges or mistakes take a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and gently sweep across the area if needed – be very careful not to create harsh lines by wiping too hard! This is also the last chance you’ll have to make changes or fix anything that’s not quite right. If you added too much colour now would be the time to remove some.

To do this simply take another cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol (or even water if necessary) and wipe away any extra ink until it matches your desired effect. Once you’re finally satisfied with your eyebrow face tattoo, close the ink and let it dry before going over to the next step.

Step Four: Protect & Seal

Apply a thin layer of moisturizing lotion or Vaseline all around the brows for extra protection against smudging and rubbing off. It will also help smooth out any colour blemishes that may have occurred earlier. If there’s any excess lotion build up on the skin use a cotton swab soaked in coconut oil or an oil-based makeup remover to clean it up.

At this point, our eyebrow face tattoos are almost complete! All we need to do is seal them with a bit of powder and enjoy! One final touch – take a small makeup brush or toothbrush and apply a thin layer of baby powder all over the face tattoo to set the colour. Once you’re all done you can show off your new eyebrow face tattoos, or keep it a secret from everyone if that’s what you want!

A Few Extra Tips

* Never use regular eye pencils as facial paint – they will smudge and rub off easily, not to mention that they are far too waxy for this purpose anyway. Instead, opt for buying waterproof eyeliner or eyebrow makeup at a local beauty store.

If you have already bought an eyebrow/eyeliner pencil, make sure it is completely dry before applying anything else on top of it to avoid any smudging/rubbing off issues You can speed up the drying process by applying it on a sheet of aluminium foil.

* If you have light skin and dark hair, consider using brown eyebrow makeup to achieve the best and most realistic looking results. For darker hair use black or dark brown instead.

* Use an old makeup brush for this process – don’t ruin your brand new expensive brushes! It also makes sense to keep them separate from your regular makeup collection if you need to do touch-ups later (or forget about using them altogether).

  *If you feel like doing more advanced designs such as eyeliner/lipstick tattoos, follow the same basic steps but draw the lines with a fine pointed brush instead. You can also add some depth & details by drawing little “U” shaped curves or small dots around the edges of the brows after you’re done colouring them in.

* If your eyebrow face tattoos feel too dry or start to flake off during the day, apply a little bit of moisturizing lotion on top and let it soak in for a few minutes before touching up any imperfections.

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