Participation: Open to all photographers

The goal of this annual project is simple: to show the world we live in through the eyes of photographers worldwide, on just one day, June 1st of each year. This in no way is a contest. It is merely a platform for all to enjoy and review with pleasure.

Photography is a way to capture events through the eyes of the individual who sees it first hand and produces a record for all to behold. In this modern era, when information can be exchanged instantaneously, in many cases without any governing restraints, we can witness moments of time virtually as they unfold. Never in the history of mankind could such a project, with almost instant visual results, have been accomplished.

I personally am in awe of the daily events taking place in our world, events on both a local and global scale, events that dictate our daily lives. We are all human, but where we are born sets our lives in motion differently, a motion primarily directed by the values of our country, our political systems, our local laws and traditions. You, I, and billions of others have an inherent nature to appreciate happiness when it finds us and to survive in the face of adversity. We each follow unique paths, sometimes covered with flowers, sometimes riddled with sharp stones.

Though all of us inhabiting our unique planet are essentially the same, our lives unfold in such a broad array of ways that we cannot but stand in amazement as we view the diversity.

Through the art of photography, and this project, we as photographers are able to shed some light on the difficulties, the triumphs, the beauty, the pain, the good and the bad of our human existence.

Kick back and enjoy the show!